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Pretty Little Liars (The Show Of The Impossible)


Dear Television,

For today’s post, I want to discuss about my official favorite show, Pretty Little Liars. I must say  this show is getting better and better every time I watch it, but there are some things about that show that just makes me wonder and remind myself that T.V is full of bullshit!

Here is a list below to explain why:

1. If Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily are high school students. How come I never see them home working on homework, studying for test, or etc?

After school, they just go visit their boyfriends or trying to find out who is A.  They are so concerned about A and everything, but never concern about their grades.  So therefore  in reality, the girls would have failed high school…except Spencer because she would be lucky to get a C…well I don’t know now because she is now in the crazy house thanks to Mona.

2. Do they have a dress code in school? I love how the girls dress when they go to school, but in reality Hannah, Spencer, and Aria would have got in trouble wearing the mini-skirts and the short-shorts

3. What is up with their parents?

I must say they must have the worst parents in the world, especially, Aria’s parents.  Her parents just don’t seem to care what Aria does even dating a pedophile teacher Ezra and the worst part, he is a baby-daddy!  The number one episode that made me hate her parents the most was when crazy Meredith was trying to kill Aria. What do her parents do? NOTHING!  They just let it pass like a rain cloud.  Although, I would blame Aria because she would of ran straight out the front door than trying to make a phone call from her house phone.

Aria knew that Meredith took her phone so she would not contact anybody so what makes her think that the house phone will be working? Common sense failed!

The only parents I respect is Hannah’s mom and Emily’s parents. I feel they care about their daughters the most.

4. What is their curfew?

This is a huge question for me. Do any of these girls have a curfew?!  I swear, their parents just do not give a damn where they are even if in the middle of woods at night!

5.  Ohyes, we need to discuss about the woods big time!

Okay, here is another common sense failure. Do the characters ever notice every time they go to the woods, something bad happens?!  I mean, if I were in the show. I would have already known where the A-team hangs out because obviously they have a thing for woods.

6.  How come the girls never change their cell phone numbers? If they want to avoid A, they would at least get their numbers changed.

7. Will the girls ever install an emergency alarm in their house so they can at least get a warning before something bad happens to them?

Now, that I am finished with the major questions, I want to say that I am very happy that a young teenager does not  have to deal with this craziness that Aria, Hannah, Emily , and Spencer are dealing. Also, I hope  the A-leader is not Cece because I have my hopes on Alison’s “evil half” to be revealed as the leader.

Life Lesson #24: The truth shall sent your free! Will the liars ever learn that?

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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