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The Most Embarrassing Moment Of The Month


Dear Embarrassing,

Hello beautiful and handsome readers. This week I did not know what to write about until yesterday on Valentine’s Day. Before I go on about of what happened on Valentine’s Day. I want to tell you what happened the day before so it can connect well with story.

The day before Valentine’s Day, I went to a job fair at a new local store, FiveBelow. As I was waiting in line for my job interview, a former male high school friend named Don (I do not reveal names) greeted me and talked to me for a few minutes. I was happy that I knew somebody in the line so I can feel relaxed . After the job interview, I exit out the door and then Don asked about my interview and then asked for my number.  I gave my number to him just to stay in touch as just friends.

Later that night around nine, Don texted me and suddenly, I solved a random math problem:

Boy Ask For Number + Girl gives number = He likes you.

Boy text girl at night + Ask personal questions = He thinks she likes him back.

That math problem dawned on me and quickly I told him that I have a boyfriend so I can give him the clue  that I just want to be friends and hopefully he does not text  me anymore.  I know that sounds mean ,but  I just want him to understand that we are only on friendship-level. No where higher.

Are you ready for the embarrassing part? Well, here it is. On Valentine’s Day, I woke up this morning and wrote a Valentine’s text to Mr.Bird (my boyfriend). I’ll show you exactly what I wrote:

TEXT MESSAGE:Happy Valentine’s Day my sexy, handsome, caramel, and honey Papi.

After I finished writing it, I automatically pressed send. After I placed my phone on my desk, something told me to check my text message. I scanned through my phone and damn, I mistakenly   sent it to Don!!!!!

Embarrassed, I immediately sent a text to Don that the Valentine’s message was not for him at all. I think I sent about four text messages to him saying that the message was not for him and to forget that it did not happen. Although, I know he will not.

After that, I told Mr.Bird what happened and he laughed hard. To me, it was not funny until later on. I laughed  about it and I still do find it hilarious.

Sometimes, I damn technology. Most older adults think young adults love the new gadgets that inventors come out with every year, but not really. For example, I love cell phones for emergencies when I am in the middle of nowhere ,but as for calls and texting I don’t find it great.

I miss the days where there were just house phones with no caller I.D because I love to guess who calling ,especially if it is Mr.Bird. Also, I am not to crazy about text messaging because you will text a person and they never reply and then you go on Twitter or Facebook and see that the person upgraded his/her status from his/her mobile phone. It also makes you wonder if the person really cares or just there.

My main issue about cell phones is that a lot of people are mostly communicating with technology instead of in person nowadays.

Technology might make life easier but to me it makes life more complicated.

Life Lesson #23: Read  before you send text message.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: Have you ever had an embarrassing text message moment? How do you feel about technology today? Comment in my diary below~


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