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Valentine’s Day Anyone?

rose petals

Dear Cupid,

Valentine’s Day  is just  a few blocks away and I am sure the sweethearts are planning something romantic with each other. It’s funny because when I was a child, I thought Valentine’s Day was all about the candy. Hey, when we were elementary kids, we thought every holiday was all about sweets. However, Valentine’s Day is more about the roses, candy, and the creepy teddy bears.

Today, I realized Valentine’s Day is different now.  I see more couples than singles celebrating the holiday. Back then, I would see single people giving special gifts to other single people they really like. Now, I see most singles not sending valentine’s  to each other.   Has Valentine’s Day become a couple’s-only holiday?

Damn Valentine’s Day for being a couples-only holiday because I feel as if singles can have their chocolate cake and eat as much as of it as they want too. How? I can give you a few ideas.

I am not an “expert” of giving special advice but here is the list below~

1. Spoil yourself. ( Take yourself out for dinner, go to a spa, or etc)

2. Indulge yourself (sweets and chocolates)

3. Love yourself most importantly. There is nothing wrong with being single on Valentine’s Day and you should never blame yourself for something you want and hope for.

4. Spend the holiday with your best friends. Valentine’s Day is also about loving your friends.

For the couples, unfortunately I do not have a list of ideas of couple can do for Valentine’s Day because I have no idea of what to do for my boyfriend, Mr.Bird.  Eventually, I’ll figure out something.

Life Lesson #22: The only person that loves and supports you the most is yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day~

Lady Elle~

P.S: If you have any ideas of what I should do for Valentine’s Day, please comment below. I would really appreciate it dearly.


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