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Love Lessons: Knowing Your Good & Bad Apples


Dear Love,

Hello! Guess what holiday is around the corner? I’ll give you a hint. It is red,white, and pink with hearts all over! Yes! Valentine’s Day! The flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, and cards. Sweet ,but can be expensive depending how much a man is willing to pour his money heart out.

Although, I do feel as if I am the only female that feels guilty.  Men spend so much money on women on every single holiday. For example:

1. Valentine’s Day

2. Anniversaries

3. Birthdays

4. Christmas

5. Break-Up & Make up Day.

6. First Date Day.

But you know, most men do not have a problem with doing special things for women.  For some men, it feels good to them. For example,  Mr.Bird (my boyfriend) never has an issue of doing specials things for me because he is a very giving  guy and appreciates me like a princess. He is a good apple.

Speaking of apples, I feel the need to give advice and inspiration for all of the single people in this world.  No dating tips. No matchmaking bull. Just a little wisdom about picking good apples. In other words, picking the right person to have a relationship with.

There are all type of apples:

1. Good Sweet Apples ( sweet & committed)

2. Bittersweet Apples (Sweet, committed, but some issues)

3. Bittersweet & Bruised Apples (person with baggage ,but still a good person)

4.  Rotten Apples (Lots of issues)

5. Rotten to the core w/worms and fruit flies that hangs at the bottom of the tree.  (Easy to get, and easy for heartbreak)

I believe some people are single because they keep picking the wrong apples in the tree especially from the wrong places. If you want a true committed relationship, nightclubs are not places. If you just want a “quick bite” for the night, then it is the right place.

Where are the right places to find good apples? I cannot really tell you where, but I believe your heart can take you to that perfect apple. All you have to do is be patient. I believe everyone has a true love on this planet. It does not matter who you are and what you look like.

Teenagers, if your crush rejects you, do not blame yourself . Your crush is maybe not ready for a relationship, or you are just not his/her type.  Just because you are not his/her type, it does not mean you have to change for him/her.  If he/she does not like you for you, move on. He/she is not the only apple in the tree.

You know, sometimes a person have to experience every type of apples to see who they really want to spend their entire life with.

For the very picky people, if you want to fall in love, you will have to lower your standards just a bit because everyone has flaws and baggage. We are human. We all make mistakes in the past, and what we are doing is trying not to make more mistakes. It is part of growing up and growing wiser.

Life Lesson #21: Love takes time, so don’t rush it.

Thanks For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: What kind of apples have you experienced? Comment below~


1 thought on “Love Lessons: Knowing Your Good & Bad Apples”

  1. The only reason why some girls end up with a rotting to the core apple because the bad apples are at the bottom and they don’t want to climb the tree to get the good sweet apples. :D

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