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Show Your Inner Vogue~


Dear Confidence,

This morning I am feeling good today! I woke up, got dressed and went to Starbucks and ordered a Tazo chai tea latte with a shot of pumpkin flavor. That is one of my signature favorite lattes but caramel macchiato is more my favorite.

I confess. I am a coffee lover. Coffee is more hella better than soda. I don’t like soda. Drinking it is like drinking a sugar chemical liquid bomb. Really. Unlike water, it seems like soda just stays  longer in your stomach and make you lazy. For some unique people, it is energy because of the caffeine in it. . Yea, energy for a few seconds and then laziness occurs.

Sorry soda drinkers, but soda is not my cup of tea.

Ok let us go back about my morning. On my way to school i jammed to Madonna’s song “Vogue.” Something about that song is just a major boost of confidence. If some of you think that song is just a “gay” anthem. You are wrong! “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor is.  Just kidding.  haha

“Vogue” is an anthem for every race, gender, and sexuality.

Don’t you just hate when people don’t have any positive comments about who you are? Want to know why? It is because they wish they were like you. Maybe not physically but mentally. What they want from you is your inner vogue (confidence,attitude,motivation,etc.)

Being who we are is not a crime but the for the people who are jealous ,referred  today as “haters”, act like it is.

My best advice for all you is just to avoid them because they want to damage your inner vogue by starting trouble with you. Also, you have to understand that not everyone is going to like you. Why? That is just how human nature is. Even if you try to be nice, they will still hold that grudge against you ,but I may be wrong because some can change in order to getting to know you.

During my childhood years i have been glared at by certain girls and of course they want ruin my confidence by bullying me. Thanks to them, they made me who I am today. Not weak but strong. The bullying in the past is just battle scars because I am not going to have the past affect me. Nobody then, now, or later can kill our inner vogue.

I hope this blog post gives you inspiration and a life guidance.

Life Lesson #19: You have the control of your body, mind, and spirit to spread your wings and go higher.

Life Lesson #20: Express your inner vogue and show it off as much you want with no regrets.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle

P.S: Thank you Madonna~


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