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My Late New Year’s Resolution


new years

Dear Life,

A few blog posts ago, I wrote about not knowing what my New Year’s resolution should be. I also wrote a list about other people’s resolutions.(“What The Heck Is My New Year’s Resolution”) So, I decided why only stick with one resolution if we can stick with more? Therefore, my late New Year’s resolution is just to do what it feels right for my soul,body, and spirit.

For my body, I am not going to drink nothing but ice-cold water. Only once a month I can drink whatever I want. I want to flush the bad stuff out of whatever organ that is suppose to be healthy. haha Do not judge me. haha

For my soul,…..I will stay healthy and happy so I can keep my soul. Yea….I cannot really explain deeply on that.

For my spirit, I want to continue loving life and write. Hopefully, this blog will get me somewhere and hopefully I can make Freshly Pressed this year. If this blog gets me somewhere, I can soon make this blog

I love to write as much as any blogger here on and I am sure we all want our writing dreams to come true. So, let us all make it happen, shall we?

Life Lesson #19: Your dreams are meant to become an reality~

Let us support each other,

Lady Elle~


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