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The Awkward Moments In A Classroom


Dear Life,

I am a college student and everyday I have to deal with the awkward moments in each of my classes. For example, my awkward moment in class is when I raise my hand to answer the professor’s question correctly and the professor continues to ask me more questions that I do not have the answers to.

Throughout my whole life in college, I have noticed that everyone has dealt with awkward moments like the list below:

(I have interviewed a few people with this list below)

1. A quiet classroom

2. Being the only one raising your hand.

3. Teacher ask you a random question and you answer it wrong.

4. Teacher ask you more questions that you do not know the answer to.

5.  Stepping into class late.

6. Clear throat, coughing, or sneezing loudly in class.

7. Ask an out-of-blue question (or dumb question).

8. Standing in front of the class.

9. Smelling a very bad odor (body odor, flatulence, or etc)

10. Confrontation between a professor or a student.

11. Dropping stuff on the floor.

12. Professor kicks you out of class.

13.  Ask the professor to repeat what he/she said.

14.  Asking the professor to go to the bathroom (college only)

15. When a parent of the student is in the classroom to observe (college only)

16.  When cell phone rings in the classroom.

17. Your stomach growls loudly.

18. Fall out of chair.

19. Presenting in front  of class and all of the attention is on you.

Long list, isn’t it?  Out of all of the examples on the list I hate number #9 the most. I think students should know  to take a damn shower before they exit out the front door of their home. I remember I had to sit next to a dude that still had his pajamas on and he smelled like hardcore ass! I did move to a different seat.  I believe every human-being should bathe before they go anywhere. I don’t care if they only brushed or coated their funk under a whole bottle of fragrance, they should shower!

About the flatulence, unless you are an elementary school student, you should not be doing that in class! That is nasty! Students like me loves to work and study in a clean,quiet, and fresh environment ! If you feel as if your stomach needs a release, go to the damn bathroom!

Oh there is one last thing I really need to get off my chest. Students, I know family is your number one support ,but unless you are K-12, you should not bring your parents to your classes in college! Why? Because you are an adult! If you have a problem with the professor, fix it yourself. Do not bring your parents along because that is a clear sign that you are not growing up and cannot become independent without them. I am sorry ,but it is just not normal.

Life Lesson #18: Independence is freedom~

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: What is an awkward moment you cannot stand in the classroom? Comment to reply~


3 thoughts on “The Awkward Moments In A Classroom”

  1. I also hate when in math class, you have a teacher going through a question on the board and they expect you to know how to work through the math even if you were the one with the question…
    Also when you are in English and you give this really long and intricate analysis and immediately your teacher says that it was completely wrong.
    Just my opinion…

  2. Haha! Definitely #3. That has happened to me so many times. It’s especially painful in math classes. At least you can B.S. the answer in an English or humanities class, but you can’t just pick an answer to a math question out of the air!

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