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Everybody Judges Everybody~


Dear Habit,

Today, I feel like writing about everybody’s (including myself ) habit. That habit is judging. I have a habit of judging people, people have a habit of judging people, and you do too. Yes, you. Confess. Us humans are never made to be perfect mannered people. So what do we judge about? Well, here is a list:

1. Race

2. Status

3. Personality

4. Fashion

6. Size

7. Demonym (American,Chinese,Mexican,French etc.)

8. Social Class

Back then and still today people would judge me as stuck-up, and mean because I hardly talk to anyone ,but that is not true. The truth is, I LOVE to talk! Heck, I would go on talking all day.

If people wanted to talk to me, I would talk to them. As I warm up with them, they will not be able to shut me up afterwards. haha. Now, this is a good example of why we need to get to know the people around us before we judge. We will never know what they are like unless we talk to them.

Now, I can understand if some of you judge people as a joke, and I guess that is okay. Just keep that joke to yourself or a group of friends that do not seem to be offended.

The most advice to give to you and myself is that if we don’t have anything nice to say about that person, don’t say it at all. ( I think I said it right).

Life Lesson #17: Everyone has a human nature habit ,but we should use it wisely.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~

P.S: How do you feel about judging?

By the way, I have a few songs for you to understand about human nature. I guess I can say it is a fun way of explaining more. If not, it is entertainment!

“Human Nature” by Michael Jackson

“Human” by The Human League

Gotta love 80’s music~


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