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My Fair Diary


Dear Life of Annoyance,

Today’s post, I want to tell you one of my major dislikes in the world and that is being told what to do.

Don’t get me wrong ,because I understand that being told what to do from your boss at a job is important and being told from my parents on what to do in life. Actually, we can’t all agree with our parents…most of the time. 

Anyway, today I received my final grades from college and I have all Cs. Yay, because I did not fail my classes. Shit, because my GPA dropped. So that means I have to work like hell next semester to get it up. 

I must say this semester has been different that the other semesters, because I had all As and Bs and a total hot GPA. So what is my excuse of why I received Cs? Let me write a…

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