The Worst Nightmare I Ever Had


Dear Sandman,

Last night, I had the worst nightmare ever. It wasn’t about a boogie man or some child stuff. This nightmare was just un-explainable and real! What was my nightmare about, you ask? The nightmare was about me that died in a car crash.

I’ll tell you most of what I remembered from my dream, because writing about it makes me feel better. 

Well at the beginning  of my dream, Mr. Bird (my boyfriend) and I just left a house party and I was driving him back home. We were driving on a random highway and this white van passed us because I was driving too slow. Mr. Bird told me to pass him back ,but I did not want to do that because it was not a big deal and I do not like starting trouble. 

After we ignored the white van, Mr. Bird told me to take the next exit somewhere and I did and it was too dark at the point I could not see where I was going at all. There were no street lights, nothing. I told him I could not see, and then he panics because he could see anything but darkness and was no more road ahead. Suddenly, we hit a tree and a huge force just knocked me out and if felt like my spirit was about to leave my body ,but it didn’t. 

After that part. My nightmare went to another scene that I woke up in my bed and saw a lot of blood all over me from the accident. I ran to the bathroom and saw the blood flowing from my eyes. But, shortly after that, I woke up from my bed again in my dream ,but I was not bleeding. I was unharmed. 

After that weird moment. I woke up for real and even bit my lip to see if I was really awake. 

Damn, I just hate when I am trying to wake up ,but my dream will not let me. 

In closing, I do not know why I had that dream ,but I want a refund from the Sandman because I told him I wanted a romantic dream, not a horrifying dream.

Well that is all for now. I’ll tell you about the rest of my day a little bit later.

Life Lesson #15: Younger ,or older. Everyone will have nightmares now and then. 

Thank You For Reading!

Lady Elle

P.S: Damn that Sandman.






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