If Life Was Full Of Nonsense Like Television


Dear Regular Day,

This morning, I woke up around seven in the morning and went back into my bed until *knock* *knock*. My step-father wanted me to get my car fixed this morning and I was not really feeling it. Not at all. I guess the sooner the better,right?

My car will not be done until the afternoon…Its nine in the morning…it is going to be a long day staying here in the waiting room, but look at the bright side! I brought my laptop and that means…..blogging time! I wish I can play Michael Jackson here in this waiting room because it is full of elders in here and one just gave me the glare. What is his problem?

Anyway for today’s post, I want to talk about things you see on television, or movies and wished that can happen in real life.

When I was a child, I grew up watching Disney movies. I loved Disney movies and still do today. I am 19 years old and still have to watch a Disney movie every now and then to appreciate my cherished childhood.

Disney movies showed a lot of things of the impossible that I wish it is possible. For example, animals helping you clean the house. How much it will be great to wake up,open your window and sing a tune as birds will fly in to make your bed and brush your hair just like from the movie  Cinderella. Although, I refuse to have rats, bugs, and rodents helping me out. yuck!

Another cool thing I wish it is possible is to sing while random singers sing-a-long with you out of nowhere. To tell you the truth, that will be fucking( excuse my french hehe.) awesome! 

Also, I wish I can cheat death a lot of times like the cartoon shows. It will be so great to jump off a cliff and still survive. Why? For example, there are a lot of cartoon characters that should of been dead after one episode like Tom Cat (‘Tom & Jerry’), The Coyote (‘Looney Tunes‘),and the rest of the cartoon antagonists who tries and keeps failing.

Now that I have said my wants, I want to tell you the impossible that I don’t want at all.

The only thing I do not want are animals having the ability to talk. That is creepy. Imagine a pet snake that you think that it is your friend to him until you it says, “I am going to starve myself so I can have you for dinner.

If dogs were able to talk, I hope they speak clearer English than Scooby-Doo.

Life Lesson #14: I have to agree with people saying television is full of nonsense, but it is full of good imagination for sure! haha.

Thank you For Reading,

Lady Elle

P.S: The creepy old guy is still glaring at me apparently. Somebody needs a hug. haha


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