To Respect Or Not To Respect?

“I want YOU to respect your elders!”

Dear, R-E-S-P-E-C-T,

For today’s post, I want to talk about respect ,because it seem as if some  people do not know who to respect, or even know how to respect a person.

Before I go on with explaining about respect, I want to tell you a short story of what happened to Mr. Bird ( A.K.A my boyfriend. I do not reveal real names) the other day.

There was an elderly sweet woman who works with him and she is mostly known to accidently take waiter’s ticket. Why? I am not sure, but employees will joke with her about it and she would joke along too.

Although, the other day, Mr. Bird kindly asked her whether she had his ticket in a joke way and what did she say?

Shut the hell up!“, she yelled.

Therefore, after that disrespectful reply, Mr. Bird confronted her that she should never disrespect people that way if they respect her.

Here is a list of what I believe about using respect.

1. Children should always respect their older relatives, parents, and teachers.

2. Adults and children should respect their elders.

3.  Marriage,relationships,or just friends. Men and women should respect each other.

4. Family members should respect each other.

5. Co-workers should respect each other.

6. The elderly should respect people too.

I am not going to explain the whole list because I believe most of you already know what to do. However, I do want to discuss about  #6, I believe the elderly should deserve to be treated with respect…if they respect you!  Why? There are a few crazy elderly people thinking everyone should respect them, but  they can disrespect you however they want to. That is not respect. That is called taking advantage of respect.

Some of you might say, they should be treated with respect no matter what because they are wiser than we are. Well if they are wiser, why are some of them not wise to respect the younger generation too?

What do you think? (Comment if desired)

Life Lesson #12: Respect people who respect you.

Thank You For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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