My Fair Diary

Dear Disgusting,

If somebody asked me about what is the most disgusting thing in world, I would have to chewing gum! Chewing gum has got to be the most disgusting thing in the world!

Everyone from all over the world (minus me), chews gum. I do not like chewing gum because it has nasty texture. When it comes to keeping my breath fresh, I would only eat swallow-able mints like Altoids  or Mentos.

People chewing gum is not the issue but the issue is where they dispose it. If these earth lovers need something to complain about, they should complain about people disposing their gum everywhere besides a trash can.  People leaving gum on the ground and places is just completely disgusting. Everyday, I will see gum:

  1. On Sidewalks
  2. On Streets
  3. On Rails
  4. On Walls
  5.  In and on Lockers
  6.  Under Tables
  7. On the Floors
  8. Random places where nasty…

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