Why I Do Not Ask Favors From People


Dear Life,


Throughout my life, there would be people asking me to do something for them, and I would say yes unless it was an ridiculous request. As for me, I am never comfortable asking favors from people I know because there are a lot of things I can do all on my own. I am not saying that people I know who ask for favors can’t do anything because it is not true.

1. When parents or older relatives ask for favors, younger relatives have to because we have to respect our elders.

2. When friends ask for favors, it is usually a test to see whether you are a true friend or not.

3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend  asking for favors from you is like the same reason for number 2. It is to prove whether you are going to be a loyal person to spend the rest of your their life with. In most cases, they just want to know if they can depend on you.

As for me, I hardly ask my family, friends, and boyfriend for favors because it does not feel right when I do.  I do not know if I should call myself independent or I am an only child that is already used to do stuff on my own. I do not know.  I cannot call myself easily taken advantage because I can be quick on saying no when I want to.

I think  asking people to do a favor for me just makes me not feel good and I am sure other people have this same reason too.

Life Lesson #10: Never ask people to do favors unless it is an emergency.

Thank you for reading,

Lady Elle

P.S: Do you ask favors from people? Comment to answer below.




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