How Much I Hate When People Tell Me What To Do


Dear Life of Annoyance,

Today’s post, I want to tell you one of my major dislikes in the world and that is being told what to do.

Don’t get me wrong ,because I understand that being told what to do from your boss at a job is important and being told from my parents on what to do in life. Actually, we can’t all agree with our parents…most of the time. 

Anyway, today I received my final grades from college and I have all Cs. Yay, because I did not fail my classes. Shit, because my GPA dropped. So that means I have to work like hell next semester to get it up. 

I must say this semester has been different that the other semesters, because I had all As and Bs and a total hot GPA. So what is my excuse of why I received Cs? Let me write a list:

1. Did not study hard enough.

2. Too much time socializing.

3. Slightly poor time management 

There. There are my excuses. 

Back to the topic, my mother called from work to ask me if I received my final grades because some other student that goes to the same school as me got hers. So, I told her no and I would check on it. After I hanged up, I went online to see my final grades and behold, a train of Cs and a dip-down on my GPA. To me, I was not surprised because I already know what grades I am going to receive. So after I read the grades, I called my mother and told her. She took it disappointing which I already knew how she will react and I told her that I am going to do better and I told her she does not need to lecture me because I am responsible for my actions and what I must do to resolve my study and time management skills. Did that make her forget about it?

Heck no! My mom and my step-father went out and I am sure she told him. When they returned, they called my name and I already know that they were going to lecture me. Lecture part deux so-of-speaking. So, they went to see my final grades and mom keeps lecturing and asking me what I should do to resolve, I told her etc of what I have to do with hesitation. At the end, I told them I promise to study like hell. 

Damn I hate lectures!!! But, when it comes to my parents, I have to suck a sour lemon and deal with it even when it worse like lime. 

Sometimes, I wish my life is like a cartoon so I can have a mute button. I really do need one sometimes.

Today’s post I have learn three life lessons:

Life Lesson #8: Improve my study and timing skills.

Life Lesson #9: Agree on everything my parents say so the lecture can be sweet, sour and short.

Life Lesson #10: Show my parents, you mean responsible business.

Thank you for reading,

Lady Elle


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