Battle Of The Candy Apples

Dear Something New,

Friday, I decided to make candy apples for the first time in more than ten years. Ten years ago, my mother and I tried to make them but the candy apple mix was cheap and was a rip-off. So back to Friday, I made both candy apples and caramel apples. Instead of the candy apple kit, I just got the recipe from internet and the recipes had good ratings.

As in quick result, the caramel apples are good but the caramel was too tough. The candy apples went better than I expected, but the candy was not crunchy but stuck-in-your-mouth. However, I think I made a C on the apples.

Lesson #4: When you are making candy apples, buy a candy thermometer.

~Take a look at my beginner candy apples~

If you think you can do a whole lot better than me, then try these recipes below:

Caramel Apples 

Candy Apples

Thank You Very Much For Reading,

Lady Elle~


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