Confessions Of Becoming A Writer


Dear Life,

During my years of school from kindergarten to senior year in high school, I change my mind all the time on what I want to do when it comes to choosing careers.  During elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher because my mom was a teacher, but that idea changed by the time when I was in sixth-grade. After observing my mother’s career, I knew being a teacher would not be my cup-of-tea at all because I do not want to deal with working in the same building every day, and dealing with the new horrible generation of bad ass kids and crazy parents.

During middle school, I had grown a passion of writing stories. I cannot fully remember how I started to write stories, but I remember that it became a hobby-habit.  I believe that I started writing when I became bored in math class and I just naturally started to write a Christmas story titled ‘Silver Bells’. The story was about a girl who was given a magic silver reindeer bell and magically appears in a magical fantasy place and her mission was to go back home with the help of her toy friends and some prince charming. The story was somewhat inspired by The Wizard of Oz, but with a Christmas twist. The story was written in dialogue-form because I never liked to write my stories paragraph after paragraph. I still write my stories in dialogue-form now.

After I finished writing ‘Silver Bells’, I immediately thought of another story called ‘Princess Academy’. That story became my first story that I pour my head and heart in. ‘Princess Academy’ was about a young gypsy girl who gets to go to an all-female academy where girls study to become queen of the world and she also meets three unique special friends from different countries. When I finished writing this story, I had my friends read it for the first time and they absolutely loved it! They loved it so much that I immediately wrote ‘Princess Academy 2: Queen of the World’ I felt happy that day until I found out that some author named Shannon Hale has already published her book with the same title. I was mad when I found that out, but felt relieved that her story was very different from mine. However, I later stopped writing ‘Princess Academy 2’ because I ran out of ideas and wanted to write new stories.

During my first year in high school, I wrote a few more stories ,my friends read and liked them ,but I did not because the those stories to me were boring and corny. After first year, I stopped writing stories.

Senior year, I stopped writing poems and songs because I realized that my songs and poems looked corny! During that senior year, I had a very bad case of senioritus and was just ready to graduate. I have grown bored of high school and decided to write about a new story to keep me entertained. I did not know what hit me, but that day I immediately had a great ideal story in mind. The story that I wrote was titled ‘Ability’ and this story was about six sisters that have unique physic powers. I did not finish the story because my life was changing. I fell in love with a high school sweetheart, went to college, and majority have been busy.

After high school, I began to read magazines and online celebrity news sites like People.com. I loved reading celebrity news articles and had an idea of creating a blog. I thought about becoming a famous blogger or some kind of freelance writer. It came to think that maybe I want to be a journalist! Reading different types of magazines gave me a strong passion of becoming a journalist.  I would love to interview celebrities and travel around the world.

During my first year of college, I became inspired of what I wanted to be in life. That year, my mother took me to see a movie called The Help. It was about a woman who wanted to become a writer and wrote a book about African-American women who worked as house cleaners for southern white families. That movie inspired me wanting to an author. After that movie, I rushed home, dug in my closet and found my old story ‘Princess Academy’. Something about that story really gave me a good sign that it should be my first story to publish, but first I wanted to re-write the whole story because the story was good but CORNY! I decided to change the story plot and the main characters names. Most importantly, I HAD TO CHANGE THE TITLE! I changed the title to Lady Academy. Lady Academy should be ready to publish by the time I graduate from college.

Recently, I have decided to double major in Journalism and Creative Writing because I cannot make up my mind on whether I want to write articles or novels for a living, but so far, I decided to do both.  I write stories as a practice for Creative Writing and for a little bit of Journalism experience, I am an editor for a private website called JpopAsia.com.

My challenge of becoming a great writer is commitment.  With school in the way, I try spending the rest of my free time writing, but most days I would just get too tired. Eventually in the future, my writing should pay off with a big fat million-dollar paycheck and a dalmatian dog.

Lesson #3:  If you want to make it happen, do not just stand there! Just do it!


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