Manic Mondays


Dear Manic Mondays,


This morning, I woke up very slowly with a semi-dry mouth and got ready for today’s classes at Georgia Gwinnett College.  In my American Literature class, I was relieved when Professor Bussey canceled today’s quiz. Over the weekend, I did read half through the chapter that was assigned, but the chapter was very long that I decided to read about the assigned chapter from SparkNotes.com (gotta love that website).

After American Lit class, I meet up with my friend Heather just around the corner from my first class.  I asked about her day and she told me that her fiancé Garret might return to the United States from Cuba in two to four weeks.  Garret serves in the army. Heather and Garret were supposed to get married last week, but something wrong randomly happened two weeks ago that Garret was falsely accused of. In good result, the conflict is under investigation.  Almost every day, I would check-up on Heather to see if she is okay.  So far, she is taking things very well and patience as she awaits for her prince charming.

After having a conversation with Heather, I went to my favorite building on campus, The H-building. Every time during my in between-class-break, I go to H-building.  GGC (Georgia Gwinnett College) calls it H-building, but I call it the Heaven building because it is the most peaceful place on campus unlike the Library. Not a lot of students go to classes there because H- Building only has science labs and meeting rooms. What I love about H-Building are the windows. I love buildings with lots of windows because I love the natural light that hits the room. I do not like rooms without windows. Rooms without windows make the room cold and depressing. These types of rooms reminded me of the classrooms from high school. My high school did not have many windows due to school safety and it killed me from not looking outside for eight hours every day.

Right Now, I am in my music appreciation class being tortured by my music teacher. My music teacher is having the class clap along with random music. I cannot say that I am bored in this class because I am entertaining myself by writing my blog for today or tomorrow’s blog post.

George Michael! My teacher just said one of my favorite artists and he caught my attention. Sadly, he only just asked if the class ever listened to George Michael’s greatest hit, “Faith.” Being, an old-school-soul, and I just raised my hand.

I do not know what is going on with my dry mouth but an hour ago, I got hungry and ate a chocolate muffin with an overly milky iced chai tea latte. After a few nibbles of the muffin and few sips of the latte, my mouth became more dry that before. My mouth is still dry and I pray and hope I am not coming down with something, because last night my mom was sick with maybe sinuses, cold, or allergies and she was coughing all night long.  I need to stop sleeping under my ceiling fan or I will serve the consequences.

Well, it is almost time to get out of music class and go home. I may need to fix me some hot tea with lemon and honey before it is too late. Pray for me readers! Bye!

Lesson #4: Never sleep under the ceiling fan ever again!




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