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Happy Birthday, My Beloved Michael Jackson


Dear Michael Jackson Fans,

It has been nine years since God called you up to heaven to join the heavenly group of singing angels. It was the day before my sweet sixteen birthdays. My cousin Jazzy and I were listening to Michael Jackson’s music hits and copying every dance move as possible.


All of sudden, my mother shouted, “Michael Jackson is dying!” My heart sunken deep into my chest and anxiety just took over my whole body into panic.

giphy (3)
I ran upstairs as fast as I could to my mother’s bedroom to watch the terrifying news on televison. The news did not report about him being dead but did say that he was in a cardiac arrest. I felt a little better, because I had hope that he would fight it and be alright. An hour later, Michael Jackson’s older brother Jermaine Jackson made a public announcement that Michael passed away. My world just couldn’t get anymore dark.


Some of you can judge me as being dramatic, but Michael Jackson was the first musician I ever heard of. He was my first childhood crush. Ever since I was little, I always claimed him as my husband even when he was 35 years older than me. I did not care. Oh yes, I did tell my ex-boyfriends that as well.

So call me Mrs. Jackson…haha.

giphy (4).gif
The next day, I was still mourning on my way to the beach for my birthday trip. That whole weekend and even on the beach, I wore my fedora hat, white sequin socks, and black dress shoes.
Today is Michael Jackson’s birthday and I still cannot believe he is gone. I am here writing this blog post and watching every one of his beautiful and creative music videos. After watching all of his music videos, I will watch his live concert DVDs.
Yes, that is my yearly Michael Jackson birthday tradition. I do not celebrate his death day.

Sometimes I wonder what heaven is like now. I can see it, Michael, Prince, Whitney Houston, and James Brown composing some beautiful songs together for the Lord. When I die, I would love to join their choir. I bet the choir is totally jamming!

If you ask what my top favorite songs from Michael are, it would have to be “Remember the Time”, “Get on the Floor”, and “Human Nature”.
The best album to me will always be Off the Wall, not only the music, but it was my very first Michael Jackson album.



Overall, all of Michael Jackson’s music will always be remembered. He will always be the best musical entertainer in the world. I love you my dear true husband. You will always be in my heart.

Life Lesson #89:If you want to make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.” –Michael Jackson.

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The Most Annoying Commentators on Social Media


facebook post

Dear Internet Life,

I enjoy social media every now and then, catching up on what’s been happening in the world. Whenever I need a good laugh, I would go to the comment section to read people’s comments below.

Although I love social media and the entertaining people who writes these interesting comments below the posts, there are a handful of commentators that needs to take a long break from the internet.

Therefore, let me reveal the most annoying social media commentators!

1. The Political Freaks

politica trolls
Ever since the 2016 election, people still TILL THIS DAY are still obsessed and aggressive with this Conservative versus Liberal civil war. Every time, I check the news on Facebook and Twitter, in the comment section you see something like: “Snowflakes, Liberal tears, and fake news.” I know this earth is not full of mature human beings and I know we all have our differences, but if you disagree with other people’s political views, accept it and let it go. Commenting a big paragraph insulting each other and etc. is not going to make a person change due to upbringing and ignorance. It is up to the individual to change.

grow up

Speaking of big paragraphs…


2. The Long and Extra Commentators

Long post Good
I love reading people’s comments when it comes to juicy, gossipy news, but at the same time my time is very precious. I don’t mind reading one sentence to maybe a paragraph, but reading comments long as essays are annoying, boring, and too extra! I know most users want to prove a point, but honey…just GET TO THE POINT!Also, if you have an interesting story to write about, blog it! Trust me, nobody has time to read your long essay-comment about your life story or why you are against the Kardashians (can’t stand them too, but really).

Therefore long commentators, please keep the comments short and simple. Because…


I wish Facebook has a 140 character limit.

3. The Dumb Commentators

I love following and reading celebrity news online catching up on what is happening in the celebrity world. However, when it comes to the comment section, you have people complaining about why E! Entertainment or People Magazine keeps posting news about Beyonce, Madonna, or the Kardashians. Some people seem to forget (or bumped their head) that these celebrity news sites are SUPPOSED to report about celebrities. If you are sick of hearing about a certain celebrity, just avoid it and keep sliding down your phone until you find something that is really interesting. It does not matter if you unfollow them or not, the writers are still getting paid!


4. The Trolls


For every comment section, there will be trolls that just want trouble and attention. Unfortunately, users still tend to fall into the troll’s trap by insulting them and insulting them wasting their time and energy. People, don’t fool with the trolls because those 15 minutes you wasted on trying to out-troll the troll could have been used by watching a funny YouTube video. Negativity is only a distraction. Focus on the positive.

5. The Chain Letters

Really? People still write those? I know it was a fad since the 90s and early 2000s, but there are still about 15% of users that still write them. I remember reading a chain letter about a ghost girl coming to knock on my door and kill me if I do not send the same chain letter to five of my user friends. Well….it’s been over ten years. I think the ghost girl got lost and gave up.

6. The “Likies”
Does this look familiar?


I understand the love for nostalgia,but let us just like the video and move on. We do not need to like your comment to like a song.

Well that is all for now…until I have another list.

I understand people have the freedom of speech and print, but we can all agree that we need more common sense. People do not think before they type.

For example…

If I spot a internet troll who just wants to fat shame or bully someone, should I waste my ten minutes to go low as the troll and bully the troll back? Will that make me better or worse?

If I keep debating with a person who thinks differently from me, should I just stop and move on and accept that there are people who need to open their minds on their own to see your point-of-view.

Most of the time, people really do not read people’s comments carefully and just quickly assume that is what they mean.  For example, I remember commenting on a post about some actress that looks much skinnier than she was on television. A user thought I was “skinny-shaming” her, but that was not the case.

giphy (1)

I explained why I made that comment and was only going to explain it ONCE. If she still did not understand, or just wanted to keep feuding with me online, then I would just block her because my time is precious.  Just like texting, people’s comments can mean anything.


Life Lesson #88: Do not feed the internet trolls. Be mature and spend your time commenting wisely.

Thank You,

Lady Elle~